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Custom Metal Arsenic (As) Materials

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Arsenic (As) General Information:

Arsenic element symbol As, atomic number 33 in the periodic table of elements, is a non-metallic element in Group VA. Density: 5.727g/cm³, melting point: 817°C, boiling point: 614°C. Arsenic is a non-metallic element with three allotropes: gray, black and yellow. However, only gray arsenic has important industrial uses, and gray arsenic is also the most common elemental form. It is brittle and hard and has It has a metallic luster, good thermal and electrical conductivity, and is easily crushed into powder. Arsenic vapor has an unpleasant garlic smell. Metal arsenic reacts easily with fluorine and oxygen, and can react with most metals and non-metals under heating conditions. Arsenic is insoluble in water, but soluble in nitric acid, aqua regia and strong bases.

Arsenic CubeCustomize99.9%
Arsenic Lump1kg, Oswa Customize99.9%
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Arsenic is used as an alloy additive to produce lead projectiles, printing alloys, brass (for condensers), battery grids, wear-resistant alloys, high-strength structural steel and corrosion-resistant steel, etc. Dezincification is prevented when brass contains heavy amounts of arsenic. High-purity arsenic is the raw material for producing compound semiconductors such as gallium arsenide and indium arsenide.

It is also a doping element of semiconductor materials germanium and silicon. These materials are widely used as diodes, light-emitting diodes, infrared emitters, lasers, etc. Arsenic compounds are also used in the manufacture of pesticides, preservatives, dyes and medicines. The expensive white copper alloy is made from copper and arsenic.

Used to make cemented carbide; brass containing trace amounts of arsenic can prevent dezincification; arsenic compounds can be used for insecticide and medical treatment. Arsenic and its soluble compounds are toxic.

Arsenic CubeArsenic Cube
Arsenic LumpArsenic Lump